Meet The Team

Dylan Kaminski

Arborist Apprentice Level 1

Dylan has worked in various fields, yet he’s always been drawn back to working in nature. When he’s not working he can be found in his garden, taking care of his numerous houseplants & succulents, playing with his dog & watching football with friends. Rock climbing makes him a natural in the trees! His enthusiasm to learn makes him an amazing addition to the team & he’s excited to go back to school for his Arborist certification. He says he doesn’t even feel like he’s working it’s so much fun.

Dylan’s Certifications and Credentials:

Working at Heights​
First Aid

Our Team


Office Manager


Regional Manager / ISA Certified Arborist ON-2044A / 444A Ontario Arborist / Hoisting Engineer / Butternut Health Assessor 638 / IHSA EUSA Hydro Line Clearance Safety And Awarness Certifed / Landscape Pesticide Applicator / Certified Seed Collector / Climber / DZ Bucket Truck Operator


District Manager / ISA Certified Arborist ON-2584A / 444A Ontario Arborist / Consulting Arborist / Plant Healthcare and Planting Cordinator / Landscape Applicator Technician / Hoisting Engineer / Climber


444A Ontario Arborist / Hoisting Engineer / Climber/ DZ Bucket truck Operator/ Landscape Applicator Technician / Health and Safety rep / 2024 I.S.A.O. Harold Van Dyke Bursary Award winner


444A Ontario Arborist / Climber / DZ Bucket truck Operator


444A Arborist apprentice level 2 / Climber / DZ Bucket truck Operator


444A Arborist Apprentice Level 1 / Climber / DZ Bucket truck Operator


444A Ontario Arborist / Climber / DZ Bucket truck operator


Climber / Heavy Equipment Operator

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