Meet The Team

Jonathan Harris

Regional Manager • Hoisting Engineer • Lead Arborist  •  I.S.A. Certified ON-2044A

Jonathan is a fun and energetic leader, always willing to help the team get the job done. He is very knowledgeable in all things to do with trees. With a passion for trees and helping the community, Jonathan likes to keep busy. You can find Jonathan singing from the tree tops or helping others in need. Either way he is happy to come talk to you about your tree care needs!

Jonathan’s Certifications and Credentials:

I.S.A. Certified Arborist ON-2044A
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
Humber College Graduate with Honours in Arboriculture
DZ Operator / Climber IHSA / EUSA Certified
Landscape Pesticide Exterminator
Hoisting Engineer
Butternut Health Assessor #638

Our Team

Laura Sahlool

Office Manager

Jonathan Harris

Regional Manager / Hoisting Engineer / Lead Arborist 

Karen Harris

District Manager / Plant Healthcare and Planting Coordinator / Consulting Arborist

Grant Robinson

Kitchener / Waterloo District Manager / Ontario Qualified Arborist / Hoisting Engineer

Kyle Parker

Arborist Apprentice Level 2 / Hoisting Engineer / Landscape Applicator Technician / Health and Safety Rep

Konstanz Scholts

Arborist Apprentice Level 2

Dylan Kaminski

Arborist Apprentice Level 1

Cliff Harrop

Arborist Apprentice


Team Member

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