Meet The Team

Karen Harris

District Manager  •  Plant Healthcare and Planting Coordinator  •  Consulting Arborist  •
I.S.A. Certified ON-2584A

Growing up in Newfoundland Karen developed her love for the environment. Climbing trees was a favourite pastime. Now that passion for the outdoors has developed into a full time job. Karen is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and has a devotion to plant health care. With dedication and research she always wants to do what is best for your trees.

Karen’s Certifications and Credentials:

I.S.A. Certified Arborist ON-2584A
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
Humber College Graduate with Honours in Arboriculture
0-8 Ton Hoisting Engineer

Our Team


Office Manager


Regional Manager / ISA Certified Arborist ON-2044A / 444A Ontario Arborist / Hoisting Engineer / Butternut Health Assessor 638 / IHSA EUSA Hydro Line Clearance Safety And Awarness Certifed / Landscape Pesticide Applicator / Certified Seed Collector / Climber / DZ Bucket Truck Operator


District Manager / ISA Certified Arborist ON-2584A / 444A Ontario Arborist / Consulting Arborist / Plant Healthcare and Planting Cordinator / Landscape Applicator Technician / Hoisting Engineer / Climber


444A Ontario Arborist / Hoisting Engineer / Climber/ DZ Bucket truck Operator/ Landscape Applicator Technician / Health and Safety rep / 2024 I.S.A.O. Harold Van Dyke Bursary Award winner


444A Ontario Arborist / Climber / DZ Bucket truck Operator


444A Arborist apprentice level 2 / Climber / DZ Bucket truck Operator


444A Arborist Apprentice Level 1 / Climber / DZ Bucket truck Operator


444A Ontario Arborist / Climber / DZ Bucket truck operator


Climber / Heavy Equipment Operator

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